Oliver Wong || Matthew 8

Anxiety and depression is a prevalent reality for people both in and outside of the church. Jesus led his disciples into storms and a demonic encounter early in their following where they learned how Jesus delivers people from affliction. If you struggle with worry or panic, listen in as we ask the question: how does Jesus offer peace within the affliction?


Oliver Wong || Matthew 8

How do you deal with guilt or shame? Leprocy, in Jesus' day, was a horribly contagious and excruciating disease that meant a person was unclean, unlovable, untouchable, and un-healable - all identified by guilt and shame. When a leper approaches Jesus, he has been cast aside by his community and the law, but the touch of Jesus does for him what no one else could. Listen in as we talk about guilt, shame, and how Jesus cleanses us in ways no one else can.

Intentional Question: How do you speak and act towards people who feel unclean before God?


Oliver Wong || Matthew 5 and 8

Have you noticed that it's easier to argue with someone when they're not there? Often it's easy to judge, label, and assume when we are far from someone but love comes more easily when we move in close. In the final blessing of the Beatitudes, Jesus teaches us that peacemaking comes at the price of persecution. Listen in as we look at how to continue loving those that come against us.

Intentional Question: How might you pray for those that have attacked you?


Oliver Wong || Matthew 5

Where can we find mercy in a time of need? Jesus teaches that mercy is what the Kingdom of Heaven looks like for broken people in broken places. In this message, we process what wholehearted mercy looks like and how secret moments of generosity can lead us into the Kingdom of Heaven more than ever before. 

Intentional Question: Where has God shown you mercy and where might God supply mercy through you?


|| Oliver Wong || Matthew 6-7 ||

Who inherits the earth? In Jesus' day it seemed evident that the strong and powerful Romans were the owners of the earth but Jesus challenges this paradigm. How can we live with a perspective of Heavenly inheritance? In this message we continue the conversation on inside-out change through following Jesus. 

Intentional Question: What is something you can't control that you need to release to God, and what is something you can control that you need to take responsibility for?



Oliver Wong || Matthew 5-6

Poverty comes in all different forms. We experience it in health, finance, emotions and even knowledge, all while experiencing our own definitions of wealth. Jesus' first sermon teaches us that His blessing comes to those who are spiritually impoverished. Listen in as we discuss how Jesus makes us rich through spiritual poverty.

Intentional Question: What part of the Father's character, provision, and protection are you thankful for?


Oliver Wong - Matthew 4

Where do you turn when you're looking for answers to life's hardest questions? In Jesus' day there were many rabbis with many teachings, yet people saw that Jesus taught with authority. In our new series we are looking at the teachings of Jesus as well as those He called to follow after Him.

January 7, 2019

|| H O P E - A B I D E S ||

Oliver Wong - Matthew 3

Has the craziness of Christmas ever caused you to lose hope? The manger was God's sign language to a deaf world, that hope is not lost, that its actually holding on to us. In this Christmas message we remember the practical meaning behind the manger and the unexpected hope that the birth of Jesus brought. 

December 17, 2018

|| H O P E - A N C H O R S ||



Are there areas of life that you feel hopeless in? The birth of Jesus came during a time of hopelessness for God's family but ushered in a future of impending hope. This message follows the story of Joseph and Mary who sought out hope in the midst of a hopeless Christmas.


|| Oliver Wong ||


The older son in Jesus' parable finds himself close to home but far from his father. In Scripture and in history, we find it common to be close to church but far from God. The older son was working for his father but forgot the whisper of his father. Closing our series on the Prodigal Son, we look at how to move from a slavery paradigm to a sonship paradigm with the Father.


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