Oliver Wong || 1 Corinthians 15

This Easter CITYLIGHTS celebrated the Resurrection with a spoken word from Darelle Dove and a message on how the empty tomb affects every day of our lives

IQ: If the tomb is empty, and death is the beginning, how will you live your life today?

Oliver Wong || Matthew 21

Through history, God has used provoking and iconic images to communicate his heart to people. Initiating his final Kingdom proclamation in Jerusalem, Jesus enters the city on a donkey as crowds proclaim him as King. This image alongside the image of the crucifixion speaks loudly about the kind of King Jesus is today.

IQ: Do you follow and lead with an authority that arrives on a donkey and leads to the Cross?

Oliver Wong || Matthew 13

Have you ever read Scripture and found it confusing? Jesus often spoke in mysterious parables to explain the unseen, and to speak past the head to the heart. In this message, we look at Jesus first eight parables and find one important theme to move from blindness to belief.

Intentional Question: How do the parables of the Kingdom guide you to live low, slow and sacrificial rather than fast, flashy and comfortable.

Oliver Wong || Matthew 12

What is the culture of your family? What do you celebrate, create and correct? While Jesus is speaking with his disciples his mothers and brothers try to find him. Refusing their visit he explains that the spiritual family he was forming took priority over his blood family. In this message, we discuss the difference between blood family and kingdom family.


IQ: How does your family gather around the will of the Father?

Oliver Wong || Matthew 12

How do you discern if God is speaking or another voice? How can we tell the difference between God’s work or man’s influence? When Jesus heals a blind man the Pharisees say Jesus was partnering with an evil spirit. From here Jesus prepares his followers to discern the spirits to understand the difference between the work of God and the work of the enemy.

Intentional Question: Where have you put the Kingdom of God in a box and how has it affected your relationship with the Holy Spirit?

Oliver Wong || Matthew 12

Are you in a season of struggling to see or hear God? In a confrontation with the Pharisees, Jesus highlights an important verse that can cause spiritual blindness. In this message, we discuss how to see God in every moment. 

Intentional Question: For you, is following Jesus compelled by sacrifice or mercy?

Oliver Wong || Matthew 11

Do you ever feel like you can’t hear or see God anywhere? In Matthew 11, John the Baptist is let down in his expectations of Jesus and starts to doubt Jesus identity. He sends his disciples to asks of Jesus if he is the messiah or if they should wait for someone else. Listen in as we consider what keeps us from recognizing Jesus even if he’s near us.

Intentional Question: How is the disappointment of what God’s yet to do keeping you from seeing what God is doing in your life?

Oliver Wong || Matthew 10

Do you wrestle with purpose? In Matthew 10, Jesus enlists his disciples into Kingdom mission with one simple statement. Join us for the final message of our second segment of "Covered in Dust" as we look at the practical practice of aligning our lives with the call of the Kingdom.

Intentional Prayer Questions: Is there anyone around me anxious? Is there anyone around me discouraged? Is there anyone around me that needs healing?

Timothy Bayne || Matthew 9

Psychologists have found within our society that when threatened, human beings will respond in a form of either fight, flight, or freeze. This wasn't just found when faced with physical stress, but in emotional stress as well. These responses to the environment around us is simply a fruit of deeply-rooted brokenness. In Matthew 9, the Pharisees "fight" back when Jesus walks in His divine authority to forgive sin, exposing a root of pride and control. Could we, like the Pharisees be walking around with unknown brokenness? How does Jesus handle our brokenness compared to the way we might handle it ourselves?

Intentional Question: What might be keeping you from trusting Jesus for the healing that you need?

Oliver Wong || Matthew 8

Anxiety and depression is a prevalent reality for people both in and outside of the church. Jesus led his disciples into storms and a demonic encounter early in their following where they learned how Jesus delivers people from affliction. If you struggle with worry or panic, listen in as we ask the question: how does Jesus offer peace within the affliction?

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